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Thermo - ADR 1500

Thermo - ADR 1500

Thermo ADR - Indicative PM Monitor

The ADR is a nephelometer designed to measure TSP, PM10 or PM2.5 by use of a size selective inlet. It features the same technoogy as the Thermo PDR housed in an IP65 cabinet with optional visual beacon. Ideal for construction sites and monitoring for dust around quarries and open cast mining.

Product Size -
2-sigma Values ±0.5% of reading or ±0.0015mg/m3, whichever is larger, for 10-second averaging time
Accuracy ±5% of reading ±precision) traceable to SAE Fine test dust
Aerodynamic Particle Cut-Point Range 1.0 to 10µm, with optional cyclone accessories
Alarm Averaging Time Real-time (1 - 60 seconds) or STEL (15 minutes)
Alarm Output Load impedance >100kw , Alarm ON = short to ground, Alarm OFF = open
Concentration Measurement Range 0.001 to 400mg/m³ (auto-ranging)
Data Logging Averaging Periods 1 second to 1hour
Description Area Dust Monitor
Flow Rate Range 1.0 to 3.5L/min.
Height (English) 21 in.
Height (Metric) 431mm
Hertz 50/60Hz
Internal Battery Run Time 1.2L/min. (heater and alarm constantly on) >24-hour run time
Depth (English) 17 in.
Depth (Metric) 215mm
Logged Data Averaged concentrations, temperature, RH, barometric pressure, time/date, and data point number
Optional Cyclones GK 2.05 (Red) primarily for PM4 through PM10, SCC 1.062 (blue) primarily for PM1 through PM4
Particle Size Range 0.1 to 10µm
Precision ±2%, for 1-second averaging time
Real-time Analog Signal 0 to 2V and 4 to 20mA, with selectable full scale ranges between 0.1 and 400mg/m3; 0-0.1, 0-0.4, 0-1.0, 0-4.0, 0-10, 0-40, 0-100 and 0-400, mg/m3
Real-time Digital Signal Concentration, flow, temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, time, date
Repeatability ±0.005mg/m3, for 1-second averaging time
Resolution 0.1µg/m?
RH correction ±0.2% or reading or ±0.0005mg/m3, whichever is larger, for 60-second averaging time
Run Summary Site number, average and max. concentrations, time/date of maximum, number of logged points, start time/date, elapsed time (run duration), averaging (logging) period, calibration factor and tag number
Scattering Coefficient Range 1.1 x 10-6 to 0.6m-1 (approximately) @ l = 880nm
Serial Interface High speed, USB/RS-232 (reserved for wireless applications), 19,200 baud
Temperature (English) Operating 14° to 122°F
Temperature (Metric) Operating 10° to 50°C
Voltage 100-240VAC, 12/24VDC for solar or auxiliary battery options
Weight (English) 28.5 lb.
Weight (Metric) 12.9kg
Width (English) 17 in.
Width (Metric) 431mm
Item Description Thermo Scientific ADR1500
I want to measure Particulate Matter [PM10],Particulate Matter [PM2.5],Particulate Matter Total [TSP]
Products Particle Monitors
Applications Construction Dust

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