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Black Carbon Monitors
Aethalometers Optical Black Carbon Monitors

Our range of Black Carbon (Soot) Monitors provides the widest choice of technologies for continuous, portable and personal monitoring of black carbon concentrations in air. 

Magee Scientific manufactures a range of network ready Aethalometers for the continuous monitoring of black carbon. The instruments provide the additonal feature of multi wavelength detection providing information about organic material associated with the carbon particles such as PAH's dioxins and furans. This can help identify the source of the carbon as diesel, wood smoke, etc. The Aethalometer Models are AE22 (two wavelength), AE33 (seven wavelength).

We also supply a portable version Model AE42 which is ideal for making measurements on the move or in confined spaces.

A laboratory based version (Transmissometer) provides the ability to measure soot on 47mm, 37mm and 25mm filters.

Aethlabs Inc manufacture a personal version of the Aethalometer which makes exposure monitoring and vertical profiling possible. The AE 51 provides BC monitoring at a single wavelength in a small handheld unit about the size of a smart phone that can be worn on the body and runs from internal batteries for up to 24 hours.

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