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Growth prompts move to larger premises for Air Monitors
Following a succession of service contract wins and rapid growth in sales of new air monitoring products such as AQMesh and FIDAS, Air Monitors has moved to new larger, more modern facilities. “We are still close to Tewkesbury,” says MD Jim Mills, “but the new facility is 60% larger, which has enabled us to expand the service department and employ new staff in a number of key departments.” The growth in the service department reflects the number of new contracts that Air Monitors has secured to calibrate and maintain many of the UK’s ambient air quality monitoring networks. Jim says: “Th..
Huge demand for PManything Monitor
Palas, the German manufacturer of particulate monitoring instruments, is expanding production to cope with demand for its fine particulate monitor, the Fidas® 200, which is distributed in the UK by Air Monitors. In the following article Jim Mills explains why Air Monitors being kept busy due to the demand for this exciting new technology PM monitoring – the ultimate goal We monitor PM because of its acute health effects. It irritates our eyes and lungs, and some of the finer particles were more recently shown to be able to move directly from the nasal cavity to the brain. Monitoring is t..
Our New Website!
We have recently launched a brand new website! We have been working together with Cotswold Web Services and created a fantasic new site which includes a Product Database where you can easily find the product you are looking for through various methods, i.e What you want to measure, by product category or by application type. Please take a few minutes to have a look around the site and let us know what you think. www.airmonitors.co.uk              We also have a new review section, so if you have purchased a product from us, then feel free to write a review on it. We have scor..
Coriolis with Ice?

Leeds University team study artic ice melt using Air Monitors Coriolis Sampler. 

The Fidas Frog - Fine Dust Monitoring System

Breaking new ground with Fidas Frog. This fine dust aerosol spectrometer is small, light and precise. The battery life is sufficient for a whole working day - for example for measuring the fine dust load at an office workstation, in the workshop or in the lab. Operation via the wireless touch panel is intuitive and easy.

AQMesh now monitors particles as well as gases

Particulate monitoring technology has been added to the AQMesh air quality monitoring pods. “This is a major development,” says Stephen Hoskin from the Tewkesbury based company Air Monitors. “AQMesh already monitors the most important gases, but fine particulates are one of the pollutants of greatest concern - government figures suggest 29,000 people die prematurely in the UK every year from particle pollution.”

Gas Alarm System protects Waste Management Staff

The human nose is particularly sensitive to Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S); a highly offensive odorous gas, reminiscent of rotten eggs. With an odour threshold between 0.005 ppm and 1.5ppm, relatively low levels of Hydrogen Sulphide can result in complaints if industrial plants generate exposure at these levels. A chemical waste treatment plant in the UK has therefore installed a monitoring and alarm system to generate alerts when H2S concentrations reach levels that might cause concern with staff and the Public.

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