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AQMesh pods monitor air quality impact of new Oxford shopping centre
Oxford City Council has been operating two AQMesh pods to monitor the impact of the new Westgate centre on local air quality. Westgate Oxford is a brand new £440m shopping centre comprised of retail outlets, restaurants and a cinema. Developed as a replacement for the old shopping centre that was demolished in 2016, Westgate opened in October 2017, and it has been estimated that it will attract 15m visitors every year. The AQMesh pods were purchased by the Westgate developer under a Section 106 agreement to monitor levels of NO, NO2 and O3. Oxford City Council’s Air Quality officer, P..
AQMesh is currently in use in Nicaragua, monitoring air quality in communities living near Masaya volcano. The six AQMesh pods have been used to show variations in volcanogenic SO2 and PM levels at different times and at different locations across the area. The pods, which have independent power and communications so they can be mounted where required, were installed in March 2017 as part of a research project funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund: Unseen but not unfelt: resilience to persistent volcanic emissions (UNRESP). The project is led by the University of Leeds and is a ..
  At the RSC AAMG event on ‘Air Quality Monitoring: Evolving Issues and New Technologies’ Professor Rod Jones of the University of Cambridge presented a paper showing very encouraging results. “Because we know that all the pods read the same and because we have a comparison between one pod and a reference instrument we can say that all pods are working equivalently across the city. What we are seeing is correspondences in excess of 0.7, 0.8, against reference and that is very good for straight out of the box”, commented Professor Jones ..
Air Monitors Ltd will run two competitions to win monitoring equipment on both days of AQE 2017, the Air Quality & Emissions event that will take place in Telford on 24 and 25th May. A ‘Batak Board’ will be installed in the AQE Exhibition Demo Area by Air Monitors, providing visitors with an opportunity to compete in an exercise that demands speed of mind and body. A ‘Top Gear’ style leader board will display updated scores, and at 4pm each day, the top competitor will be announced on the Air Monitors stand (#2, 3 & 4) and awarded a brand new ACER indoor Air Monitor. A further compet..
The latest air quality monitoring equipment from the company Air Monitors has been used extensively by a variety of news channels to support the ever-growing media attention being given to urban air quality. “In contrast with the air pollution of the 1950’s, the problem is no longer visible,” says Managing Director Jim Mills. “It used to be possible for city dwellers to see the smog, but monitoring technology is necessary to highlight today’s invisible threats; which are mainly fine particulates and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). “We have been happy to support the media in its efforts to highlight..
Dr Jim McQuaid and his colleagues at the University of Leeds have been using one of our Coriolis air samplers to capture microbes from the snow and ice of the Greenland ice sheet.   Their aim with the air sampling was to inventorise and analyze all airborne ‘impurities’ deposited during the melt season. Such aerosols contain black carbon, dust particles, salt particles, organic particles and naturally also microbes.   The team also measured some aerosol properties in real time such as black carbon using our aethalometer technologies.       ..
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) recently issued draft guidance on ‘Air pollution - outdoor air quality and health.’ In the following article Jim Mills, Managing Director of Air Monitors Ltd, explains why there will need to be more funding for monitoring if the mitigation measures mentioned in the guidance are to be implemented effectively. Jim also highlights the close relationship between outdoor air quality and the (often ignored) problems with indoor air quality. The NICE guidelines are being developed for Local Authority staff working in: transport, planning..
On 2nd November 2016 the High Court ruled in a case brought by ClientEarth, that the UK Government’s plans to tackle air pollution are illegal. The judgement said: “the Secretary of State (for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) must aim to achieve compliance (with the Air Quality Directive) by the soonest date possible, that she must choose a route to that objective which reduces exposure as quickly as possible, and that she must take steps which mean meeting the value limits is not just possible, but likely.” The judgement also said that “the Secretary of State fell into error by ado..
Growth prompts move to larger premises for Air Monitors
Following a succession of service contract wins and rapid growth in sales of new air monitoring products such as AQMesh and FIDAS, Air Monitors has moved to new larger, more modern facilities. “We are still close to Tewkesbury,” says MD Jim Mills, “but the new facility is 60% larger, which has enabled us to expand the service department and employ new staff in a number of key departments.” The growth in the service department reflects the number of new contracts that Air Monitors has secured to calibrate and maintain many of the UK’s ambient air quality monitoring networks. Jim says: “Th..
Huge demand for PManything Monitor
Palas, the German manufacturer of particulate monitoring instruments, is expanding production to cope with demand for its fine particulate monitor, the Fidas® 200, which is distributed in the UK by Air Monitors. In the following article Jim Mills explains why Air Monitors being kept busy due to the demand for this exciting new technology PM monitoring – the ultimate goal We monitor PM because of its acute health effects. It irritates our eyes and lungs, and some of the finer particles were more recently shown to be able to move directly from the nasal cavity to the brain. Monitoring is t..
Our New Website!
We have recently launched a brand new website! We have been working together with Cotswold Web Services and created a fantasic new site which includes a Product Database where you can easily find the product you are looking for through various methods, i.e What you want to measure, by product category or by application type. Please take a few minutes to have a look around the site and let us know what you think. www.airmonitors.co.uk              We also have a new review section, so if you have purchased a product from us, then feel free to write a review on it. We have scor..
Coriolis with Ice?

Leeds University team study artic ice melt using Air Monitors Coriolis Sampler. 

The Fidas Frog - Fine Dust Monitoring System

Breaking new ground with Fidas Frog. This fine dust aerosol spectrometer is small, light and precise. The battery life is sufficient for a whole working day - for example for measuring the fine dust load at an office workstation, in the workshop or in the lab. Operation via the wireless touch panel is intuitive and easy.

AQMesh now monitors particles as well as gases

Particulate monitoring technology has been added to the AQMesh air quality monitoring pods. “This is a major development,” says Stephen Hoskin from the Tewkesbury based company Air Monitors. “AQMesh already monitors the most important gases, but fine particulates are one of the pollutants of greatest concern - government figures suggest 29,000 people die prematurely in the UK every year from particle pollution.”

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