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CO2 Monitor
Monitoring CO2 inside or outdoors is made simple by this new CO2 wireless system. Featuring the class leading COZIR optical sensor which measures ambient CO2 levels with accuracy and stability in the range of 0 - 20,000 ppm (0 - 2%), OR 0 - 2000ppm (0 - 0.2%) plus temperature and humidity (option) and transmits the information wirelessly to an internet gateway (web logger) which simultaneously stores the data on a cloud server and sends it in real time to your desktop, tablet or smart phone. Easy to install the units can be battery powered or run from a low voltage supply (12V) for safety. Simply plug it in and stick it to the wall.

The Envirologger gateway is a secure internet data logger that connects to internet cloud servers via broadband / ADSL or by cellular GPRS or 3G  (option) and ensures your data is available anytime anywhere in real time. Easy to install, just plug it into your router and it will automatically configure and link to the sensors.

Up to 80 sensors can be connected to each gateway and multiple gateways can be linked to provide a scalable solution for almost any application.

The CO2 sensors can be located up to 3km (2 miles) from the gateway even in a built up area and up to 20km if you have a clear line of sight between the transmitter and gateway antennas. (Licence free radio band)

Several versions are available all of which feature wireless transmission of data.

  • Battery Powered with colored OOO local display 
  • Main Powered (12v adapter) with local LED (ppm conc) display
  • Outdoor unit with solar panel power supply

To network several CO2 sensors to the internet data server you also need to purchase a gateway / data logger. 

To purchase please email us at enquire@airmonitors.co.uk  and we will send you an information pack.

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