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We deal with the supply of gas and particulate monitors along with service and support.

Based in Gloucestershire, we are an independant privately owned company representing some of the worlds leading environmental technology manufacturers such as Thermo, Palas and Geotech. Our aim is to provide monitoring solutions which encompass the very best products, technology and services designed specifically for British & European Environmental compliance.

We advise, sell , support, hire and provide a range of air quality monitoring services including field operation, analysis and reporting. We specialise in monitoring particulate matter and gaseous pollutants in the air, indoors and outdoors and in just about any location imaginable. 

We would be happy to discuss your particular application and hopefully suggest a practical and affordable solution.


We believe that good business is conducted between people, not only between companies.
When you call us during office hours you will always be able to talk to a person, NOT an automated answering system.
We promise to treat your call courteously and efficiently, because we value your time and your business.

Particle Monitors & Samplers 

The Aethalometer is the worlds most successful black carbon monitor with well over 1000 units in use. The Legacy AE22 and AE31 models are now joined by the new AE33 featuring dual spot technology to automatically compensate for loading effects providing long term stability and accuracy. All Aethalometers feature multi wavelength technology providing information about the 'nature' of the BC, such as distinguishing between diesel, woodsmoke etc. The AE31 and 33 models provide 7 wave-lengths and is aimed at research markets whilst the AE22 provides 2 wave-lengths and is typically used in air quality network operations.


The ADR is an optical dust monitor measuring TSP (Total Suspended Particles) or PM10 or PM2.5 or PM1 by using interchangeable inlets. This method gives better accuracy than systems that sample the entire size range and then 'estimate' each fraction. The ADR comes complete with a weatherproof enclosure and internet connectivity allowing data to be sent direct to the users PC, tablet or smart phone in real time. Alarm indication by email and SMS alerts are available. The ADR can run on solar panel and battery or mains power and  is very competitively priced with other optical monitors but offering so much more in terms of build quality, reliability and features.

The AURORA range of integrating nephelometers has fast become the worlds leading neph for a number of good reasons. It is compact and priced competitively and the range offers the user a choice of 1, 2 or 3 wave-lengths. There is also a polar model with 3 wave-lengths and back scatter in one instrument, in fact this is the only instrument to offer this powerful combination of features. The AURORA is used for atmospheric studies of aerosols, visibility research and many other research applications. Want to buy  the best Nephelometer money can buy then look no further than AURORA

The 5014i is an advanced beta attenuation monitor (BAM) which can measure either PM10 or PM2.5. The unit has a smart sampling system to minimise the loss of semi volatiles and is currently expected to complete EU equivalence testing in 2013. The system runs on a single sample tape for up to six months unlike other models which only run for 2 months on a tape. Highly reliable and field proven with up to date electronics for remote control and maintenance make it the most advanced BAM on the market but at a price similar to older and less capable models.

The TEOM - FDMS monitor is EU Equivalent designated for both PM10 and PM2.5. Similar to the TEOM but equipped with an FDMS (Filter Dynamic Measurement System) to ensure the correct measurement of semi-volatile PM the unit requires no correction factors unlike other monitor technologies. The TEOM - FDMS is the preferred monitor of the UK AURN network and the new 1405 series has many design improvements making it easier to operate and more reliable. NOW WITH DEFRA, MCERTS AND TUV APPROVAL FOR PM10 AND PM2.5

The TEOM - FDMS Dichotomous monitor measures BOTH PM10 and PM2.5 simultaneously. A special inlet separates the fine and course fractions of airborne PM10 giving a smaller than PM2.5 and PM2.5 to PM10 fraction which combined give PM10. The unit offers the same FDMS measurement of the semi volatile fraction ensuring full EU Equivalent measurements without any need for correction factors. The 1405 Dichot can also be supplied without FDMS if required. NOW WITH DEFRA, MCERTS AND TUV APPROVAL FOR PM10 AND PM2.5 COMBINED

Based on advanced optical spectrometry FIDAS measures TSP, PM10, PM4, PM2.5, PM1 and particle count, size distribution, particle volume and surface area all in one compact instrument that can be used in existing air quality systems or as a stand alone monitor. The unit does NOT require air conditioning, uses minimal power and is small and simple to operate. Ideal for atmospheric research and for health and exposure studies. There is also a battery operated smaller portable version for indoor use.
FIDAS has recently passed EU Equivalence requirements for PM10 and PM2.5. 

The Aethlabs MicroAethalometer provides the ability to measure black carbon aerosol in almost any location. Based on the same technology as the network Aethalometers the AE51 provides similar levels of accuracy but in a battery operated package about the same size as a smartphone. It can run for up to 24 hours on its own power and for longer periods with an external battery pack or solar panel. Data is stored on the on board data logger and downlaoded to a PC via the inbuilt mini USB port. A range of accessories is also available. 

The PDR is a compact personal dust monitor based on nephelometry, an optical method for detecting and quantifying particles in the air. The unit can be used handheld or worn on the waist using the integrated belt clip. It is compact and light and runs form its own internal batteries. Data can be downloaded to a PC using the cable supplied and free software is provided to help analyse and report the data. Different size fractions of dust can be measured by selecting one of several size selective inlets.

These are devices to sample airborne dust and aerosols rather than to provide real time monitoring. The samplers collect dust on a filter over time which can be weighed to determine the concentration of dust collected. The samples can also be used for chemical analysis and physical characterisation of the material collected. Several models and types are supplied including, manual filter change, automated filter change, high, medium and low flow and also systems specifically used to detect and quantify for course or "nuisance" dust. This is generally the material that is too large to be inhaled but can cause damage to surfaces, windows, cars etc but is unlikely to have any major health effects.

The TEOM measures the mass concentration of airborne particles by first principles using a mass frequency relationship. The unit gives fast direct mass concentration output and is highly reliable.The TEOM monitor can be used to provide EU Equivalent PM10 data using the Volatile Correction Model (VCM). The TEOM is widely used throughout the world and is often favoured over other monitors as it does not use any radioactive components and as the sample inlet is heated it can be used reliably in tropical climates where there are often high levels of moisture in the atmosphere.

Gas Monitors 

AQMesh is a multi gas monitoring system for ambient air measuring NO, NO2, SO2, CO and O3 plus Temperature, Humidity and Atmospheric Pressure. AQMesh 'pods' are battery operated and run for up to 2 years without the need for major maintenance, replacement of sensors or battery packs. They require no mains power and mount easily to a post or wall with no need for planning permission. True ppb accuracy and long term stability make the pods ideal for  surveys, environmental impact assessments and confirmation of modelled concentrations. They can be calibrated with test gas or co-located with reference monitors to confirm their accuracy. AQMesh pods are supplied complete with a  plug & play package including cellular communications, secure data storage, online quality control, technical assistance and web application software allowing data to be viewed in near real time on any PC, tablet or smart phone.

Available to rent or to buy.  

AMA ambient GC's automatically measure ppb to ppt levels of BTEX and other organic compounds in air with superb accuracy and precision. Manufactured in Germany the systems provide highly reliable measurements with the minimum of intervention. Advanced software for peak detection and data management is provided. You have the choice of PID and FID detectors, isothermal or programmable ovens, a pre column for the removal of high boiling point compounds and a calibration gas selection system to allow you to configure your system to suit your specific application. 

The 2BTech range of monitors offers full size monitor performance in a much smaller compact design. Monitors for Ozone and Oxides of Nitrogen which can run on low DC power and approx one quarter the normal 19" rack size provide true ppb accuracy. Calibration sources are also provided for NO and NO2 and a compact ozone photometer for the verification of ozone monitor calibrations is available. The most recent addition to the range is a personal ozone monitor providing accuracy equivalent to a full size monitor. 

Quite simply the best ambient air monitors on the market. The Thermo i Series is the latest design of monitor from the worlds leading manufacturer with over 30 years of experience and it shows. The monitors are designed for long term reliability with low running costs and unequalled accuracy and stability. If you want to understand the difference between the i series and most of its competitors just take off the cover and admire the quality of workmanship and the way the instrument is deigned for ease of maintenance and use. Models are available for ambient and trace level for most pollutant gases including, NO, NO2, SO2, CO, O3, H2S, NH3, N2O, HC, etc. High concentration models are also available for process and research applications.

Thermo Fishers IRIS series monitors offer trace level measurement of greenhouse gases. Using a unique laser detection system they are able to detect ppt levels of gases in the atmosphere and are used in global atmospheric studies into climate change. Gases available are CO2, N2O, CH4 and CO. 

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