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Meteorological Monitoring Systems - Finest Quality - Competitivly Priced
Lufft meteorology systems offer a family of advanced sensors for wind speed, direction, pressure, temperature, humidity and precipitation. Any combination of these is available from an extensive choice of models. The entire range is available as stand alone systems or as complete online solution as they are fully compatible with Envirologger Cloud based data systems. 
Which Sensor Do I Need ?
Model Wind Speed Wind Direction Temperature Humidity Pressure Precipitation

Systems are also available featuring Pyranometers and Tipping Bucket Rain Gauges (please enquire)


WS800 with Lightning Detection

From the WS product family of professional intelligent measurement transducers with digital interface for environmental applications. Integrated design with ventilated radiation protection for measuring:

-Air temperature

-Relative humidity

-Precipitation intensity

-Precipitation quantity

-Solar radiation

-Lightning detection

-Air pressure

-Wind direction

-Wind speed

One external temperature or rain sensor is connectable.

WS800-USB includes lightning detection by an integrated sensor analysing the radio wave emission of lightnings. It delivers a count of recognised lightnings. The sensor analyses spectrum and wave form of the received signal to supress the detection of man made electrical discharges.

Other Meteorological Sensors
The solar charged battery supply is guaranteed to provide continues operation below 60 degrees latitude. The MK III will operate for at least 60 days without sun.
Since there is no connection between the sensors and the power line, damage from thunderstorms is virtually eliminated and the sensors are immune to power line voltage surges. The initial sensor calibrations for wind, temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The system is fully compatible with the web logger data management system.
The MetPak™ II is an enhanced multi-sensor weather station that measures a wide range of weather parameters, including: wind speed and direction; air temperature; relative humidity; barometric pressure and dew point.

MetPak II is fully compatible with web logger data management technology.

The Young wind speed and direction sensor is a conventional wind vane and propellor type anemometer. This system is low cost and gives both a visual indication of wind speed and direction as well as an analog output signal compatible with AQ WEB  internet data logging systems
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