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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Understand and Improve the air you breathe indoors at work, school or at home

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Many modern buildings are designed for energy efficiency and as such have few opening windows to avoid heat escaping. Ventialtion is usually managed by forced ventilation via ducting and is necessary to control internal temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide from building up which can cause drowsiness and discomfort for the occupants. However the ventilation system must take in air from outdoors and if it allowed to do so during an external pollution episode then these pollutants can easily be transferred to the inner space causing poor air quality inside the building. As most of us spend the majority of our working day indoors it is essential that we understand the levels of pollutants to which we might be exposed and employers and authorities should take action to improve the air quality within these spaces. 

We offer a range of monitoring devices which are able to measure pollutants inside and outside of the building so this data can be used to inform the buildings management system when it is safe to take in outdoor air and when it may be necessary to avoid doing so, due to pollution from traffic etc. Working together with HVAC and buildings management specialists, we can propose solutions to significantly improve indoor air quality and to protect your workforce from the high levels of pollution found in many of our cities. An assortment of these products are shown here and dependant on the particular issues in each location these can be tailored to specific needs.

Ethera NEMo IAQ Monitor

Ethera NEMo - Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Ethera NEMo XT IAQ Monitor

Ethera NEMo XT _ Extended Use Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Ethera Profil'Air IAQ Monitoring Kit

Ethera Profil'Air Kit - Formaldehyde (HCHO) Monitoring System 



In Air Solutions VOC Analysis

Portable Automatic Multi Tube Air Sampler

Thermo MIRAN Sapphire

Thermo MIRAN Sapphire - Portable Multi Gas Monitor

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