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Ecotech Serinus Cal 1000

Ecotech Serinus Cal 1000

The Serinus Cal 1000 performs gas dilution calibrations and is used in conjunction with regulatory traceable gases and a zero air generator.

The most cost effective solution, the Serinus Cal 1000 allows the most up-to-date calibrations technology to be available to all.

Features & Specifications

  • Performs single and multi-point calibrations using the Serinus Calibrator’s precision mass flow controllers, for the utmost confidence in the results
  • Performs calibration manually through user interface or remotely via RS232, USB networks or digital inputs
  • Designed and developed with wide-ranging customer input for easy, intuitive, accurate use

Dilution Gas Inputs: 1 standard 100-200 kPa (g), (2 optional)

Source Gas Inputs: 4 standard 100-200 kPa (g), (8 optional)

Dilution Mass Flow Controller: 10 SLPM, 0 Deg, 1 ATM (std), 1 SLPM, 2 SLPM, 5 SLPM or 20 SLPM (optional), 2nd MFC (optional)

Source Mass Flow Controller: 50 SCCM, 0 Deg, 1 ATM (std), 10 SCCM, 20 SCCM, 100 SCCM, 500 SCCM or 1 SLPM, 2 SLPM (optional), 2nd MFC (optional)

Flow Accuracy (Constant Temp): Within 1% of full scale

Flow Repeatability: Within 0.15% of full scale

Linearity: Within 0.15% of full scale

Operating Gas Pressure: 100-200 kPa

Zero Drift: < 0.6% per year

Response Time: < 5 seconds

Output Manifold: 4 output ports standard

Dilution Ratio: Variable 10:1 to 2000:1 (std confi guration)

Operating Voltage: 100-240V VAC 50/60Hz (Auto Ranging)

Power Consumption: 165 VA maximum (typical at start-up for 3000) 95 VA after warm-up

Operating Conditions Ambient Temperature Range: 0°C-45°C (32°F-104°F), 20°C-35 °C >for optimum performance

Pressure:  Maximum altitude, 3000m above sea level

User Interface: Via front panel keypad or computer

Programmable calibrations: 16 separate programmable sequences 32 separate programmable points

Analog Output (3000 only): Voltage output of 0 to 5 V, with menu selectable zero o- set of 0%, 5% or 10%

Analog Input: Three analog voltage inputs (0-5VDC) CAT I rated

Digital Output: RS232 port #1: Normal digital communication, RS232 port #2: Multidrop port used for multiple analyser connections on a single RS232, USB port connection on rear panel, 25 pin connector with discrete status and user control, USB stick memory (front panel) for data logging, event logging and parameter storage. 8 Digital Outputs, open collector max 400mA each @ 12VDC (max total output 2A) 8 Digital Inputs, 0-5VDC, CAT I rated, 1 Diluent Control. +12V output

Case Dimensions: Rack length (front to rear): 597 mm (23.5”)

Total length (w/ latch release): 638 mm (25.1”)

Chassis width: 418 mm (16.5”)

Front panel width: 429 mm (16.9”)

Chassis height: 163 mm/uses 4RU (6.4”)

Front panel height: 175 mm (6.9”)

Weight: 18.2 kg

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