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Ecotech Serinus Cal 3000

Ecotech Serinus Cal 3000

The Serinus Cal 3000 includes all the features from its Serinus Cal 1000 and Serinus Cal 2000 stablemates, adding an ozone photometer for the accurate creation and delivery of ozone concentrations when calibrating ozone analysers. The photometer accurately and continuously measures the ozone concentration to control output of the internal ozone generator, providing an accurate ozone source for routine ozone calibration.

Dilution Gas Inputs: 1 standard 100-200 kPa (g), (2 optional)

Source Gas Inputs: 4 standard 100-200 kPa (g), (8 optional)

Dilution Mass Flow Controller: 10 SLPM, 0 Deg, 1 ATM (std), 1 SLPM, 2 SLPM, 5 SLPM or 20 SLPM (optional), 2nd MFC (optional)

Source Mass Flow Controller: 50 SCCM, 0 Deg, 1 ATM (std), 10 SCCM, 20 SCCM, 100 SCCM, 500 SCCM or 1 SLPM, 2 SLPM (optional), 2nd MFC (optional)

Flow Accuracy (Constant Temp): Within 1% of full scale

Flow Repeatability: Within 0.15% of full scale

Linearity: Within 0.15% of full scale

Operating Gas Pressure: 100-200 kPa

Zero Drift: < 0.6% per year

Response Time: < 5 seconds

Output Manifold: 4 output ports standard

Dilution Ratio: Variable 10:1 to 2000:1 (std confi guration)

Output Concentration: 3 ppb to 5000 ppb

Flow Rate: Variable dependent on Dilution Mass Flow Controller installed

Repeatability: < 1% short term (24 hours) 5% long term at constant temperature and humidity

Range: 0–20 ppm

Precision: 0.5 ppb or 0.2% of reading, whichever is greater

Linearity: <1% of full scale

Noise At Zero: <0.25 ppb

Response Time: 30 seconds to 95%

Zero Drift: Temperature: 1.0 ppb per °C, 24 hours: < 0.3 ppb, 7 days: < 0.3 ppb

Span Drift:Temperature: 0.1% per °C, 7 days: 0.5% of reading

Operating Voltage: 100-240V VAC 50/60Hz (Auto Ranging)

Power Consumption: 165 VA maximum (typical at start-up for 3000) 95 VA after warm-up

Operating Conditions Ambient Temperature Range: 0°C-45°C (32°F-104°F), 20°C-35 °C >for optimum performance

Pressure:  Maximum altitude, 3000m above sea level

User Interface: Via front panel keypad or computer

Programmable calibrations: 16 separate programmable sequences 32 separate programmable points

Analog Output (3000 only): Voltage output of 0 to 5 V, with menu selectable zero o- set of 0%, 5% or 10%

Analog Input: Three analog voltage inputs (0-5VDC) CAT I rated

Digital Output: RS232 port #1: Normal digital communication, RS232 port #2: Multidrop port used for multiple analyser connections on a single RS232, USB port connection on rear panel, 25 pin connector with discrete status and user control, USB stick memory (front panel) for data logging, event logging and parameter storage. 8 Digital Outputs, open collector max 400mA each @ 12VDC (max total output 2A) 8 Digital Inputs, 0-5VDC, CAT I rated, 1 Diluent Control. +12V output

Case Dimensions: Rack length (front to rear): 597 mm (23.5”)

Total length (w/ latch release): 638 mm (25.1”)

Chassis width: 418 mm (16.5”)

Front panel width: 429 mm (16.9”)

Chassis height: 163 mm/uses 4RU (6.4”)

Front panel height: 175 mm (6.9”)

Serinus Cal 3000: 23.8 kg


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