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Magee Transmissometer

Magee Transmissometer - SootScan TM for the determination of BC on filters

The SootScan™ Model OT21 Transmissometer bench top analyzer has been developed as a simple and robust way of assessing Black Carbon particulate matter (PM) from a variety of sample filters. The analysis can be easily performed in the field or the laboratory, and requires less than thirty seconds to provide optical attenuation and BC mass concentration results. This non-destructive analysis method requires no support gases or consumables. A neutral density photometric standard filter kit is available for verifying instrument calibration and validating the instrument response. The SootScan™ is designed to analyze filters for Black Carbon content which are collected from both ambient and source applications. Importantly, because Black Carbon PM is non-volatile, sample analysis can be performed on archived filters as well as freshly collected ones.

Measurement Principle Analysis by measuring the absorption of transmitted light due to aerosol deposit previously collected on filter.

Interpretation Light absorption measurement at 880 nm interpreted as Black Carbon (‘BC’, also called ‘Elemental Carbon – EC’). Measurement at 370 nm designated as ‘UVPM’, interpreted as an indicator of aromatic organic compounds such as are found in tobacco smoke, wood and biomass-burning smoke, etc.

Data Format Light absorption expressed as Attenuation ( 100 * ln[I0 /I] ) in ‘ATN units’ at two wavelengths.

Specificity No other aerosol species absorbs light even 0.001 times as much as Black Carbon in the visible range.

Intercomparison Light absorption measurements can be converted to BC or EC equivalents.

Sensitivity 1 ATN unit, equivalent to 0.06 µg/cm² BC on filter. If collected on a 47 mm diameter filter at a 16.7 LPM flow rate for 24 hours, this represents a BC concentration of 0.14 µg/m³.

Measurement Range 0-125 ATN units optimal, equivalent to 0-18 µg/m3 BC on filter if collected on a 47 mm diameter filter at a 16.7 LPM flow rate for 24 hours. Instrument will operate to higher values of ATN but linearity may be impaired. Reference Filter Filter blanks are analyzed to provide ‘zero’ reference.

Sample Medium Quartz fiber, T60 Teflon coated borosilicate glass fiber, or Teflon membrane filters may be analyzed. For the use of other substrates contact us. 

Sample Analysis Area Accommodates 25 mm, 37 mm, and 47 mm diameter filter media.

Sample Retention Analysis is non-destructive and subsequent laboratory analysis can be performed.

Validation NIST-traceable neutral density filter kit option available.

Data Output Digital data available via rear RS-232 (COM) and USB ports.

Display and Interface 2-line display screen with keypad.

Dimensions Instrument constructed in portable chassis with handle: 5 in (127 mm) H x 12 in (305 mm) W x 14 in (356 mm) D

Weight Approximately 10 lb (4.5 kg).

Power 100~240 VAC 50/60 Hz, autoswitching.

Temperature 0 ~ 40 °C operating, non-condensing.

Initialization Approximately 15 minutes required from power-up to valid data.

I want to measure Black Carbon [BC]
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