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 Our range of ambient air quality monitors includes, Thermo Fisher (reference) monitors, Geotech AQMesh multigas system, DUVAS portable multigas, 2BTech compact monitors, AMA VOC monitors.

 The alternative to expensive low concentration gas bottles - why not blend and dilute from high concentration cylinders? Make your own multi gas standards, dilute gases for multi point calibration tests and make your gases last longer. 

Aloatec dust samplers provide automated sampling of fugitive dust emissions from industrial sources. The sampler is equipped with sedimentation sampling plus both dry and wet deposition capability and can run automtically for up to one month (32 samples)

 Detect minute concentraions of oil or petrolium in water or soil with a range of probes, continuous or portable systems available.

 We have the largest range of Particulate monitors based on TEOM, FDMS, Beta, Light Scatter and Nephelometery in all shapes and sizes one of which will be ideal for your application.

 A range of gas and particle monitors deigned for personnel protection, occupational hygiene and safety monitoring on industrial sites and processes.

Smart Eye monitors road traffic in up to four lanes without the need to disturb the road surface. Lufft Monitors provide information about road surface condition, temperature, visibility. Road condition, visiblity and traffic flow information can be merged seamlessly with weather and air quality data.

 Automated filter weighing systems increase accuracy and precision and remove the mundane task of repetative filter weighing.

 Coriolis samplers sample up to 300lpm directly into a liquid for subsequent analysis by culture or PCR.

 Our range of weather sensors measure, wind speed direction, rainfall, temperature, pressure, solar radiation and a number of other specialist parameters. Easily intergrated with our other products or as a stand alone package. Ask about our wireless packs.

 Oxysense is a non contact monitor for oxygen down to ppb levels. Used in modified atmosphere packaging, drinks packaging ,permeation & shelf life studies.

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