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Air Monitors offers a wide range of products and services to support industry including process monitors, fence line monitors, meterological systems, occupational exposure monitoring, noise, gas and dust monitoring all supported by data collection and reporting technology designed to interface to your process requirements.

Below you should find a list of products especially selected for industry use, however you can find all of our products and services in the top menu.

Mesa Tetra Cal

Mesa Tetra Cal

Palas Dustview

Palas Dustview - Measure explosion and health risk of dust in industrial processes

Palas Fidas 100

Fidas 100 - Non Certified Multi Size PM Mass Monitor with Particle counting and size distribution

Palas Fidas 200

Fidas 200 and 200E fully certified to TUV, MCERTS and DEFRA UK PM Climate for PM10 and PM2.5 (also measures PM1, PM4 and Pn)

Palas Fidas Frog

Fidas Frog - The indoor and portable version of the FIDAS. Same optics and performance - but portable. (includes tablet PC)

Pegasor IAQ

Pegasor IAQ - The Ultimate Indoor Air Quality Monitor for PM, CO2, Temp & Humidity

PKL Technologies Spectra- 1 TDLAS

PKL Technologies Spectra - 1 TDLAS

Thermo - ADR 1500

Thermo ADR - Indicative PM Monitor

Thermo - I Series 15i HCl

Thermo - I Series 15i HCl - Hydrogen Chloride Monitor

Thermo - I Series 17i NOx/NH3

Thermo - I Series 17i NOx/NH3 - Combined NOx and Ammonia Monitor

Thermo - I Series 410i CO2

Thermo - I Series 410i CO2 - Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Thermo - I series 42i NOX

Thermo - I series 42i NOX - Our flagship NOx Monitor - "best in class worldwide"

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