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Air Monitors offers a wide range of products and services to support industry including process monitors, fence line monitors, meterological systems, occupational exposure monitoring, noise, gas and dust monitoring all supported by data collection and reporting technology designed to interface to your process requirements.

Below you should find a list of products especially selected for industry use, however you can find all of our products and services in the top menu.

Thermo - I Series 48i CO

Thermo - I Series 48i CO - Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Thermo - I Series 51i HC

Thermo - I Series 51i HC - Total Hydrocarbon Monitor

Thermo - I Series 55i NMHC

Thermo - I Series 55i NMHC - Non Methane Hydrocarbon Monitor

Thermo - PDR 1500

Thermo - PDR 1500 - Portable Personal Dust Monitor

Thermo MIRAN Sapphire

Thermo MIRAN Sapphire - Portable Multi Gas Monitor

Thermo Partisol PM Samplers

Thermo Partisol PM Samplers - Single and Multi Filter Versions available

Thermo TVA 2020

Thermo TVA 2020 Portable VOC Monitor (PID and FID)

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