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PKL Technologies Spectra- 1 TDLAS

PKL Technologies Spectra - 1 TDLAS

Spectra-1, a portable lightweight open path TDLAS gas monitor uses proprietary hardware and software to provide a low cost open path gas sensing instrument. The enclosure for Spectra-1 was selected for its resistance to extreme shock and vibration. Spectra-1 can be used for portable as well as fixed site installations. RS232 serial communications are used for continuous data transfer. USB memory stick data downloading is used for logged data files. Applications include environmental monitoring, fugitive emission work, greenhouse gas reduction, fertilizer manufacturing, Ammonia, confined feeding operations monitoring, aluminum manufacturing HF monitoring, and landfill monitoring.


Aluminium Manufacturing
Fertilizer Production
Confined Feeding Operations
Environmental Monitoring
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs
Cold Storage, Ice Rinks
Landfill Operations

2 x 20 character LCD display:

  • Gas concentration
  • Distance to retro-reflector
  • Signal level % reading
  • ppm or ppm-m
  • Signal level bar graph
  • Configuration/menu display

Keypad for system configuration:

  • Distance to retro-reflector
  • Gas concentration- ppm or ppm-m
  • Averaging time 1 to 60 seconds
  • Maximum signal level set (i.e 90%)
  • Minimum signal level set (i.e 5%)
  • RS232 com prt setting (baud rate)
  • Logging options
  • Logged data transfer - USB memory stick
  • Calibration settings
  • Spectra-1 settings output
  • Display IP address
I want to measure Hydrogen Fluoride [HF], Methane [CH4], Ammonia [NH3], Carbon Dioxide [CO2], Carbon Monoxide [CO], Hydrogen Cyanide [HCN], Ethylene [C2H4], Ethane [C2H6], Hydrogen Sulphide [H2S]
Products Gas Monitors
Applications Landfill,Fracking,Fence Line Monitoring,

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