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Brechtel MCPC

Brechtel MCPC - Mixing Condensation Particle Counter

For applications requiring a particle counter capable of rapid total number concentration measurements down to a few nanometers – the Model 1720 Mixing CPC is packed with features in a very compact package. The particle counter has been deployed on ships, aircraft, on top of Mauna Loa and at the South Pole – with proven low pressure operation, the unit is ruggedized for field use.

Particle size range  7 to 2000 nm diameter
Response time  180 milliseconds
Concentration range 0.01-100,000 particles/cc 
Coincidence corrected concentration uncertainty @ 100,000/cc  +/- 8%
Particle sample flow / saturator air flow 0.36 lpm / 0.36 lpm
Fluid use  1.9 ml/hr (n-butyl alcohol)
Butanol usage  320 ml/week (n-butyl alcohol)
Reservoir capacity  250 ml (1000 ml available)
Weight  2.7 kg (6 lb)
Power (@115-230 VAC)  <80 watts
I want to measure Nano Particles,Particle Number [Pn],Aerosols
Products Particle Monitors,Aerosol Research
Applications Aerosol Research,Outdoor Air Quality

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