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MTL AH225 Filter Weighing System

MTL AH225 Filter Weighing System

The AH225 series is a complete automated filter processing solution. It has been engineered by weighing experts to implement the carefully observed methods required by precision weighing applications to ensure accurate results. Technicians load the input silos with filters placed in individual carriers and activate FWS, which controls the unit and weighs each filter according to administrator selected instructions. Personnel are free to perform other duties. Each filter’s bar code is read. It is then taken to the balance where it is inserted and placed on the balance pan in the exact came position each time. During the weighing process, the software performs a buoyancy correction and measures barometric pressure. Temperature and humidity are also monitored with NIST-traceable equipment to document environmental compliance. The software gives you the control you need to stop weighing at any time in the event of an environmental excursion. The system issues weighing reports for each filter, helping you keep on top of quality control. This data is stored in an SQL™ database, which can then be accessed by a network server.

• Weighing time:  2 min per filter using direct read; 3 min per filter using drift corrected ABA weighing.

• AH225 performs automated static discharge using Po-210 and MTL’s internally developed Faraday pan before & during weighing of a filter.

• Repeatability:  check standard:  .25 ug;  filter:  .75 ug  

• Filter carriers or machine readable bar-coded filters are scanned by AH225 for individual identification and easy tracking.

• Reduce human effort and error while increasing throughput and laboratory efficiency.

• Compatible with METTLER TOLEDO™ and SARTORIUS™ balances designed for microgram weighing (Sartorius SE2 is compatible, SE2-F is not compatible at this time)

• Dimensions:  42”L x 25”D x 25”H.    Power:  230/120  50/60HzVAC

I want to measure Particulate Matter [PM1],Particulate Matter [PM10],Particulate Matter [PM2.5],Particulate Matter Total [TSP]
Products Filter Weighing Systems
Applications Vehicle Tailpipe Emissions,Outdoor Air Quality

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