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Thermo - I Series 42i TL NOX

Thermo - I Series 42i TL NOX - Trace Level NOx (ppt level)

Measure the amount of nitrogen oxides in the air from sub-ppb levels up to 1000 ppb using chemiluminescence with the Thermo Scientific™ Model 42i-TL TRACE Level NOx Analyzer. The Model 42i-TL is a single chamber, single photomultiplier tube design that cycles between the NO, NOx, and Zero modes. The addition of the Zero mode provides for excellent long term stability and extremely low minimum detectable limits. The 42i-TL has independent outputs for NO, NO2, and NOx and each can be calibrated independently.

roduct Size -
Gases Measured Nitrogen Oxides
Custom Ranges 0 to 50 to 200ppb; 0 to 10 to 500 µg/m3
Description 42i-TL Trace Level NOx Analyzer
Flow Rate 1L/min.
Height (English) 8.62 in.
Height (Metric) 219mm
Depth (English) 23 in.
Depth (Metric) 584mm
Linearity ±1% full scale
Lower Detectable Limit <50ppt RMS (120 second averaging time)
<50ppt RMS (120 second averaging time)
Approvals and Certifications ETL, CSA, UL, CE
Inputs 16 digital inputs, user select programmable, TTL level, pulled high
Item Description Model 42i-TL Trace Level NOx Analyzer
Outputs Digital outputs: 1 power fail relay Form C, 10 digital relays Form A, user selectable alarm output, relay logic, 200VDC 100mA; Analog outputs: 6 voltage outputs; 0 to 100mV 1, 5, 10V (User selectable), 5% of full-scale over/under range, 12 bit resolution, user programmable
Preset Measurement Ranges Preset ranges 0 to 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1,000ppb; 0 to 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000 µg/m3;
Response Time Response time (in automatic mode): 60 seconds (10
Span Drift ± 1% full-scale
Temperature (Metric) Operating 5 to 40°C
Voltage 100 to 115VAC; 220 to 240VAC
Weight (English) 60 lb.
Weight (Metric) 25kg
Width (English) 16.75 in.
Width (Metric) 425mm
Zero Noise 25ppt RMS
I want to measure Nitric Oxide [NO],Nitrogen Dioxide [NO2],Nitrogen Oxides [NOX]
Products Trace Level Monitors
Applications Trace Level Gases

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