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Brechtel GCVI

Brechtel GCVI - Ground based Cloud Virtual Impactor

The Brechtel Model 1205 GCVI is the ideal virtual impactor tool for probing the detailed properties of actual cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) inside real clouds. The GCVI was developed for long-term, unattended deployments at mountain and other sites with accessible clouds so researchers could explore aerosol-cloud interactions with the ease of ground operation. Significant anti-icing experience from decade-long aircraft inlet development was applied to the GCVI to ensure the automated wind tunnel lid would open and close reliably under most sampling conditions. With on-line cloud, rain and snow detection, the built-in software will automatically turn your system on when cloud is detected and off when the clouds disappear.Brechtel GCVI

Droplet diameter cut size range  7-15 µm
Add flow rate range to tip  16-25 lpm
Add flow temperature range  20-45°C
Range of counterflow air flow rate  1-10 lpm 
Constant air sample flow rate  15 lpm
Total air sample flow available to instruments  15 lpm 
Compressor, vacuum pump and blower power (max)  2000 watts @ 230 VAC
Anti-icing power (max)  1160 watts @ 28 VDC
Other power (external laptop)  50 watts @ 115 VAC
Weather-proof enclosure size  25"wide x 50"high x 34"deep
Weather-proof electronics enclosure weight (est)  220 lb
Total system weight (est)  290 lb
Wind tunnel inlet height (tower mounted)  2 to 10 meters
Wind tunnel flow rate  1,500 lpm
Wind tunnel throat velocity range  50-100 m/sec
System footprint size (est) 2x2 meters
Operating temperature range  -20-35°C
Operating pressure range  500-1,000 mb (abs)
I want to measure Nano Particles,Dust [PM],Aerosols
Products Sampling & Conditioning Systems
Applications Aerosol Research,Outdoor Air Quality

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