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Particle Monitors


Particle Monitors

Particles come in all shapes, colours and sizes, so our range of monitors is not only able to measure the mass concentration of PM in air but also the surface area, the number and size of particles and the chemical composition (e.g. Biochemicals, Black Carbon) We can seperate almost every aerodynamic size class such as PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10 and TSP and can seperate semi-volatile and non volatile fractions too. We also offer a range of samplers to collect PM on filters and in other media for subsequent analysis in the laboratory.  

Below is our range and you can select your particular needs by clicking on the list on the left to narrow your selection.

Ecotech HiVol 3000 XAD Sampler

Ecotech HiVol 3000 XAD Sampler

Ecotech MicroVol 1100 Air Sampler

Ecotech MicroVol 1100 Low Volume Air Sampler

Magee Aethalometer

Magee Aethalometer

Magee Transmissometer

Magee Transmissometer - SootScan TM for the determination of BC on filters

Naneos Partector

Naneos Partector - personal LDSA Monitor

Palas Dustview

Palas Dustview - Measure explosion and health risk of dust in industrial processes

Palas Fidas 100

Fidas 100 - Non Certified Multi Size PM Mass Monitor with Particle counting and size distribution

Palas Fidas 200

Fidas 200 and 200E fully certified to TUV, MCERTS and DEFRA UK PM Climate for PM10 and PM2.5 (also measures PM1, PM4 and Pn)

Palas Fidas Frog

Fidas Frog - The indoor and portable version of the FIDAS. Same optics and performance - but portable. (includes tablet PC)

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