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Naneos Partector

Naneos Partector

Naneos Partector - personal LDSA Monitor

Monitoring nano particles to sizes as low as 10 nm the Partector uses a diffusion charge technology to detect particles too small for optical or mass based methods. The output is in lung deposited surface area (LDSA) in m2/cm3. This is an important property of these small particles as its thought that they transport toxins on their surface deep into the lung and bloodstream. The particles are so small they have little measurable mass so by inducing an electrical charge on their surface and subsequently detecting that charge we can detect their presence and determine their surface area. Partector is battery operated and can be used as a fixed or portable monitoring system.

Measured value: LDSA (Lung Deposited Surface Area)

Concentration range: 0-20’000 mm2 /cm3

Particle size range: 10 nm to 10 mm Displayed LDSA value is only accurate in the size range of 10-400 nm; however, the instrument can be used to measure micron-sized particles too.

Accuracy: ± 30 %

Noise floor: ~ 1 mm2 /cm3 in particle-free air

Time resolution: 4s (standard, faster as an option)

Airflow (active): 0.5 l/min

Battery power: 10h approximately

Charging: via USB

Data storage: mSD-card PC

Interface: USB/serial by virtual COM-Port

Dimensions: 7.8 x 13.4 x 2.9 cm

Weight: 440 g

I want to measure Lung Deposited Surface Area [LDSA],Nano Particles
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Applications Aerosol Research,Occupational Exposure,Outdoor Air Quality

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