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Palas Fidas 200
Palas Fidas 200


Palas Fidas 200

Fidas 200 and 200E fully certified to TUV, MCERTS and DEFRA UK PM Climate for PM10 and PM2.5 (also measures PM1, PM4 and Pn)

The FIDAS 200 is the flagship model developed for compliance monitoring of PM10 and PM2.5 in accordance with EU and UK legislation. The FIDAS 200 and 200S are certified to the highest level by TUV and MCERTS and to DEFRA's UK PM Pollution Climate standard.  The FIDAS passed these tests with one of the lowest uncertainties of any approved PM monitor. With the lowest running costs of any approved monitor and providing more value for money due to its simultaneous measurements of TSP, PM10, PM4, PM2.5, PM1 and Pn plus a full size distribution for particles between 0.18 and 18 microns with 32 channels per decade resolution the FIDAS leaves the competition eating dust.


Interfaces USB, Ethernet, RS232/485, Wi-Fi
Measurement range (size) 0.18 - 100 µm (3 measuring ranges)
Size channels 64 (32/decade)
Measuring principle Optical light-scattering
Measurement range (number CN) 0 - 20000 particles/cm3
Time resolution 1 s - 24 h, 15 min in type approved operation
Volume flow 4.8 l/min ≙ 0.3 m3 /h
Data acquisition Digital, 20 MHz processor, 256 raw data channels
Power consumption Approx. 200 W
User interface Touchscreen, 800 • 480 Pixel, 7"
Power supply 115 - 230 V, 50 - 60 Hz
Housing Table housing, optionally with mounting brackets for rack-mounting
Dimensions 450 • 320 • 180.5 mm (H • W • D), 19"
Weight 9.3 kg (control unit only)
Operating system Windows embedded
Data logger storage 4 GB
Software PDAnalyze Fidas®
Aerosol conditioning Thermal with IADS
Measurement range (mass) 0 - 10000 µg/m3
Reported data PM1, PM2.5, PM4, PM10, TSP, CN, particle size distribution, pressure, temperature, humidity
Installation conditions +5 – +40 °C
Sampling head Sigma-2
I want to measure Particle Number [Pn],Particulate Matter [PM1],Particulate Matter [PM10],Particulate Matter [PM2.5],Particulate Matter Total [TSP]
Products Particle Monitors,Multi Parameter Monitors
Applications Aerosol Research,Outdoor Air Quality

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