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Data Management


Data Management

We believe that your environmental monitoring data should be available to you when you want it and on whatever device you want it on, so we use "push" technology to ensure that the data is at your disposal without you having to take any actions to retrieve it. Its a bit like email these days, it's there on demand allowing you to view it instantly without any fussing around with polling software or data servers.  Our gateway devices when installed at the monitoring location make it all possible and our software packages assist you to manage and manipulate the data locally or on the cloud. So if you're still operating on an old dial up or polling system, why not give us a call and take a look at the future?

Air Monitors Mini Logger

A Web Logger for one sensor only (and cheaper too!)

Air Monitors Software for Windows

Manage your data on our WindowsTM suite, on or offline.

Air Monitors Web Logger (Gateway)

Combined data logger and internet gateway 


Manage, validate, analyse and report all of your air quality data on this powerful cloud application. Compatible with  AQMesh pods, AQWeb Data loggers and almost any other environmental monitoring system.

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