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At Air Monitors we are all about making measurements using the best available technology and we pride ourselves in the accuracy, reliability and traceability of our work. However we recognise the specific expertise of our consultancy sector clients and this is why we do not offer consultancy services directly, but prefer to work in partnership with you to deliver the best possible service to the end user clients.

If you are a consultant looking for measurement expertise combined the best technology available, you can contact us knowing we will respect both your position and your clients confidentiality.

Below you will find products that have been specifically selected for you as an environmental professional. However you can find all of our products from the top menu.

2BTech POM

2BTech POM

2BTech-202 Ozone

2BTech-202 Ozone Single Beam

2BTech-205 Ozone

2BTech-205 Ozone Dual Beam

2BTech-405 NO2

2BTech-405 NO2/NOx/NO Monitor

2BTech-408 NO

2BTech-408 NO Calibrator

Aethlabs MA200

Aethlabs MA200 - Portable Black Carbon Monitor 

Aethlabs MA300

Aethlabs MA300

Aethlabs MA350

Aethlabs MA350 - Automated Outdoor Black Carbon Monitor

Air Monitors Mini Logger

A Web Logger for one sensor only (and cheaper too!)

Air Monitors Software for Windows

Manage your data on our WindowsTM suite, on or offline.


Manage, validate, analyse and report all of your air quality data on this powerful cloud application. Compatible with  AQMesh pods, AQWeb Data loggers and almost any other environmental monitoring system.

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