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Air Monitors offers a wide range of products and services to support industry including process monitors, fence line monitors, meterological systems, occupational exposure monitoring, noise, gas and dust monitoring all supported by data collection and reporting technology designed to interface to your process requirements.

Below you should find a list of products especially selected for industry use, however you can find all of our products and services in the top menu.

2BTech POM

2BTech POM

2BTech-106 Ozone

2BTech-106 Ozone

2BTech-106W Ozone

2BTech-106W Ozone - Ozonation of Water

Air Monitors Software for Windows

Manage your data on our WindowsTM suite, on or offline.


Manage, validate, analyse and report all of your air quality data on this powerful cloud application. Compatible with  AQMesh pods, AQWeb Data loggers and almost any other environmental monitoring system.

AMA GC5000

Online GC systems for continuous monitoring of organic compounds in air and gaseous samples

AQMesh Combo

AQMesh Combo - Gas and Particle Monitoring

AQMesh Gas

AQMesh Gas - Accurate monitoring of NO, NO2, O3,CO and SO2 where you need it.


AQMesh Particle pods monitor PM10, PM2.5,PM1 and Pn in almost any location

Cylinder Gas Standards

Cylinder Gas Standards

Ecotech Serinus 10 O3 Analyser

Ecotech Serinus 10 MCERTS Certified Ozone Analyser

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