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Contractual Service


Contractual Service

We offer a range of contractual arrangements from basic routine maintenance, to full "data as a service" contracts.  We are always flexible about the specification and pricing of each individual contract as all of our customers have different needs and different budgets, so let's talk about what works best for you.

A typical contract may include some or all of the following elements.

  • Routine instrument maintenance (usually at six month intervals)
  • Emergency call out and repair
  • Calibration services including supply of gases and permeation tubes
  • Consumables provision
  • Spare parts provision
  • Shelter and / or air conditioner maintenance & repair
  • Site relocation advice
  • Data collection, management and reporting

We also offer monitoring technology advice, site surveys, systems integration and design prior to purchase, so before you specify that new project why not get in contact?

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