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Air Monitors Web Logger (Gateway)

Air Monitors Web Logger (Gateway)

Combined data logger and internet gateway 


The Air Monitors Web Logger  (aka gateway) is a low power solid state system designed to connect ANY type of monitor or sensor to the Air Monitors cloud based data network. The Gateway is an internet router, cellular modem, wireless transceiver, data logger and control system all in one small DC powered box. 

Up to 256 channels of data can be collected from any number of monitors or sensors which can be connected by both digital and analog interfaces both wired and wireless. Each channel can be configured with its own communication type and averaging rates, alarms levels, and diagnostic information. The gateway is pre-programmed with almost all environmental monitor protocols from all of the leading manufacturers making installation and configuration an easy plug & play operation.


  • Serial RS232/485
  • Ethernet
  • SDI 12
  • Analog (Voltage or Current)
  • Pulse Counter
  • Contact Closure
  • Wireless


  • Ethernet (ADSL/Cable)
  • Cellular (GPRS/3g/UMTS)
  • Satellite Modem
  • Mesh Radio


(most major environmental manufacturers products supported.. please enquire)

  • Toxic Gas Monitors
  • Construction Dust Monitors
  • Meteorological Sensors and Systems
  • Noise Monitors
  • Air Quality Monitors (Ambient and Indoor)
  • Water Quality, Level and Flow Monitors

 POWER - 12V DC < 300 mA (~ 500mA with cellular)

 MEMORY - 2 GB Micro SD Card (expandable to 16GB)

 DIMENSIONS - 200mm x 120mm x 35mm (approx.)

 WEIGHT - 650 g (approx.)

 INTERNET CONNECTIVITY - Ethernet (ADSL, Cable), Optional Cellular or Satellite Modem (internal)

 SIGNAL INPUTS - Ethernet, Serial (RS232/485/SDI12), Analogue (V or A), Pulse, Volt Free Contact, Wireless (2.4 GHz, 868MHz, 433MHz)

 ADDITIONAL INPUT MODULES - Optional Serial , Analogue, Ethernet and Web Cam expansion modules

 PC CONNECTION - USB, Ethernet, Serial RS232.

 PROTOCOLS - Gesytech, Bayern Hessen, Modbus, UMB, and many more manufacturer specific protocols preprogrammed. Please enquire about our FREE protocol development service

 WIRELESS INPUTS - Internal optional wireless transceiver

 DATA CHANNELS - Up to 256 channels

 TIME BASIS - 10 seconds to 1 hour (configurable)

 ALARMS - Min / Max Configurable for each channel with up to four configurable solid state relays (NO/NC)

 SUPPLIED WITH - International power adapter, input connector, PC USB Cable, Cellular Antenna (if cellular modem fitted).

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