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AQMesh Particle pods monitor PM10, PM2.5,PM1 and Pn in almost any location

From the same stable as its gas monitoring cousin AQMesh particle (dust) monitors use an Optical Particle Counter (OPC) to count, size and calculate the mass concentration of particles in ambient air. One of the only battery operated particle monitoring systems on the market, AQMesh PM "pods" are able to measure Total Suspended Particulate (TSP), PM10, PM2.5, PM1 and Pn (Particle Number) simultaneously.  Ideal for indicative monitoring of PM for air quality monitoring, construction dust, tunnel monitoring and many more applications.  Check out our gas only and combo pods for gas and PM applications. AQMesh allows air quality to be monitored in the exact locations that need to be monitored rather than where equipment can be conveniently positioned.



Parameter Range  Unit  Limit of detection
Pod temperature -20 to 100°C  °C  0.1°C
Atmospheric pressure 500-1,500mb mb  1mb
Relative humidity 0-100%RH %RH 1%RH
Particle count 1-30 µm Particles/cm^3 1µm
PM2.5 0-500 µg/m^3 µg/m^3  TBC
PM10 0-1,000 µg/m^3 µg/m^3  TBC
I want to measure Particle Number [Pn],Particulate Matter [PM1],Particulate Matter [PM10],Particulate Matter [PM2.5],Particulate Matter Total [TSP]
Products Air Quality Monitoring Systems,Multi Parameter Monitors,Particle Monitors,Portable Monitors,Indoor Air Quality
Applications Construction Dust,Indoor Air Quality,Outdoor Air Quality,Tunnels & Car Parks

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