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Brechtel CVI

Brechtel CVI Cloud Virtual Impactor

The Brechtel Model 1204 CVI is a virtual impactor inlet ideal for probing the detailed properties of actual CCN inside real clouds. The CVI was developed for aircraft deployment so researchers could explore aerosol-cloud interactions across a broad spectrum of cloud types and under different air mass source region conditions. Extensively wind-tunnel tested to characterize size-dependent transmission efficiencies, the CVI inlet has been successfully deployed in multiple field campaigns where excellent agreement was found between wing-mounted cloud probes and instruments sampling the CCN from the CVI.Brechtel CVI

Droplet diameter cut size range  7-15 μm
Add flow rate range to tip  16-25 lpm
Add flow temperature range  20-45°C
Range of counterflow air flow rate  1-10 lpm
Constant air sample flow rate  15 lpm
Total air sample flow available to instruments  15 lpm 
Compressor, vacuum pump and blower power (max)  2000 watts @ 230 VAC
Anti-icing power (max)  1160 watts @ 28 VDC
Other power (external laptop)  50 watts @ 115 VAC
Weather-proof enclosure size  25"wide x 50"high x 34"deep
Weather-proof electronics enclosure weight (est)  220 lb
Total system weight (est)  290 lb
Wind tunnel inlet height (tower mounted)  2 to 10 meters
Wind tunnel flow rate  1,500 lpm
Wind tunnel throat velocity range  50-100 m/sec
System footprint size (est)  2x2 meters
Operating temperature range  -20-35°C
Operating pressure range  500-1,000 mb (abs)
I want to measure Dust [PM],Aerosols,Nano Particles
Products Sampling & Conditioning Systems
Applications Aerosol Research,Outdoor Air Quality

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